Zombies Invade Television

Zombies have already infiltrated movies, video games, and novels, and the UK’s Guardian predicts that television will play host to the next zombie trend.  AMC’s upcoming adaption of The Walking Dead is the most obvious example of the emerging zombie television craze, but other major networks also have zombie programs in the works.  Syfy Channel recently announced its plans to air a COPS-style show about zombie exterminators called Zeros (Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations), and Deadline.com has reported that NBC purchased a spec script, called Zombies Vs. Vampires, about a vampire detective who is assigned to the police department’s “zombie crime” unit.  Lastly, it has been rumored that MTV is working on a Dawn of the Dead spin-off television series.  Hopefully the zombie TV trend will bear entertaining fruit (see the UK’s Dead Set), but for now we can be content with the fact that the zombie masses are invading new territory.


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