Jud vs. The Living II: HvZ

The first day of Fall is fast approaching.  The leaves are beginning to die and decompose.  School is back in session.   All of this means one very important thing: Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) season is upon us.  College campuses in Texas, New York, and around the world are playing the zombie apocalypse-themed live action RPG.

Normally I find little amusement in the living gallivanting around pretending to be “mortally challenged” (see: Zombie Walks), but HvZ teaches one very valuable lesson to all human beings: zombies always win.   It’s true.  The zombies always beat the humans in HvZ; eventually they get overrun and eaten (figuratively…sigh).  Can the college experience teach anything more essential than that?

– Jud

Learn more about Humans vs. Zombies here. Or watch the documentary below.

[a zombie column]


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