‘Roadkill’ and Other Zombie Web Series

Zombie Roadkill Trailer

Can’t wait for FEARnet‘s web series, Zombie Roadkill, to debut on October 4th?  Feed your hunger with these zombie web series:

American Heart – When a small town becomes overrun with zombies, a group of survivors take shelter in a local hospital. [Comedy]

Dead Patrol – The military puts into action a last ditch effort to save civilization from zombie apocalypse: clear the living, evacuate, and nuke! [Horror]

Dead Road – Two years after zombie epidemic left the entire planet devastated, scavengers go from town to town fighting for survival. [Horror]

Dead Wait – Survivors battle the undead when zombie apocalypse strikes! [Horror]

I Am Not Infected – A cameraman gets trapped on the set of a reality TV show when zombies take over L.A. [Comedy]

The Last Stand – Who can be trusted after a deadly virus turns millions of people into rabid zombie freaks? [Drama/Horror]

Semi-Dead – Two ex-military roommates try to live normals lives in a city overtaken by zombies. [Comedy/Horror]

Sharehouse Zombie Apocalypse – Housemates battle zombies…and each other. [Comedy]

Universal Dead – A team of U.S. Navy Seals and a doctor from the Center for Disease Control are the only hope in a world ravaged by zombie plague. [Horror/Sci-fi]

War of the Dead – The Zombie Emergency Response Operations security force contains and controls undead outbreaks in a world where the living dead are an every day reality. [Horror]

Woke Up Dead – Drex Greene (Jon Heder) experiences “life” as a zombie. [Comedy]

Zombacant – What happens when you’re stuck with a less-than-ideal survival team when the living dead strike your neighborhood? [Comedy]

Zomblogalypse – Three survivors document their life after zombie apocalypse. [Comedy]

Got a favorite zombie web series?  Share it in the comments below.


One response to “‘Roadkill’ and Other Zombie Web Series

  1. http://www.zombieetiquette.com/ The Zombie Etiquette talk show gives zombies the respect they deserve but are oft denied.

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