New “Zombie Walk” World Record?

Over the weekend, two cities vied for the Guinness World Record for largest zombie gathering.  On October 23, the Denver Zombie Crawl in Colorado attracted more than 7,300 zombie participants according to the event’s organizers.  On October 24, Australian police estimated that the Brisbane Zombie Walk had almost 10,000 zombies in attendance.  The current world record is held by Seattle, Washington.  The city saw 4,233 zombies at its annual “Red, White, and Dead” zombie walk on July 3, 2010.

Both of the weekend walks supported local charities.  The Denver gathering collected items for the Food Bank of the Rockies.  The Brisbane event raised money for the Brain Foundation of Australia.


3 responses to “New “Zombie Walk” World Record?

  1. I was at the brisbane zombie walk and I can vouch that there wouldve been more than 10,000 easy. Ive never seen so many people in Brisbane walking the streets. Check this out

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