The Zombie Invasion Starts Today!

To promote its new series The Walking Dead, AMC is organizing a massive outbreak involving hundreds of zombies that will take over 26 major cities across the world.  The zombie invasion will start in Taipei and Hong Kong on October 26th and spread around the globe until it reaches Los Angeles for the series premiere.

The zombie attacks will occur at major landmarks in the following cities:

New York City, USA
Washington DC, USA
Boston, USA
Chicago, USA
San Francisco, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong
Istanbul, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Sofia, Bulgaria
Estonia, Tallinn
Belgrade, Serbia
Munich, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Rome, Italy
Johannesburg, S. Africa
London, UK – Westminster
Lisbon, Portugal
Sao Paolo, Brazil
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Santiago, Chile
Caracas, Venezuela
Bogota, Colombia
Mexico City, Mexico
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Check out The Walking Dead on AMC, October 31, 10/9c.


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