Dead Set – Episode 2

The series is shaping up nicely. I feel like they softened a few of the Big Brother contestants, particularly Marky and Veronica.  Now we really have a larger group of people we can sympathize with and root for.  In classic horror fashion, we’ve already got members of the main group getting bitten and injured, setting up the inevitable blood bath. Yay!

I also really liked the fact that Riq survived and was picked up a woman named Alex – a wile survivor that looks like a soccer mom with a serious mean streak.

Best Zombie Moment – Kelly mopping up the mushed-up remains of a zombie head.  Scooped ’em up like a pro!

Best English to English Misunderstanding – Patrick says, “I need a slash,” while grabbing his crotch and staring at Pippa.  Thought something very different was about to happen!  SO glad I was wrong!



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