Dead Set – Episode 3

Social rules are really beginning to break down now!  Kelly, Marky, and Space loot a store and run into a couple of marauding policeman who are clearly riding a thin line between order and opportunism; Kelly commits the first real human-to-human violence (Yay!  They’ve got some guns now!); and lets not forget Joplin’s “perviness” (maybe not entirely out of the realm of his normal morality).

Funniest “Running” Gag (emphasis on “gag”) – Patrick’s “toilet” issues

Best One-liner – “Bite’s a bite, Bob.” and then he pulls the trigger ’till it goes, ‘click…’

Most Confusing Moment – So zombie are afraid of water now?  Yah… that makes no sense… at all.  Not to get too picky about rules in a reality that doesn’t exist, but seriously, what was that?!



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