Dead Set – Episode 4

The big question all zombie-apocalypse survivors must answer at some point – To hunker down, or not to hunker down.

Both the Big Brother group and the odd couple (Riq and Alex), have divided opinions on the subject. In the end, Riq gets his wish while the Big Brother band remains divided, essentially going back to a “Cast vs. Crew” dynamic.

Really liked the number of awkward and gratuitous deaths going on. We started last episode with way that took down ‘zombie Grayson’ and continued with skewering of Davina with a lamp post and excessive hatchet action by Alex (total Shaun of the Dead moment).

Best Zombie-Culture Allusion – Joplin musing that the dead are draw to the BB set because it was something important in their lives.

Lowest of the Low – Patrick carving up Grayson’s bodies.  “We’ve got a man-sized portion of pedigree chum lying right there!”  Scraping the forearm for a last bit of meat… so, awesomely wrong!



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