Jud vs. The Living IV: Topeka

Students at Washburn University in Topeka, KS are developing a zombie video game for use as a tool to promote the revitalization of Topeka. Players start the game in desolate downtown Topeka surrounded by zombies.  With each zombie the player kills, the city magically becomes more revitalized and beautiful.  How kinemortophobic can one get?  Who says zombies cannot be a part of a vibrant and productive city?  Perhaps the revitalization of Topeka could occur even more swiftly if its citizens embraced their zombie population rather than destroying them!  Is this not America?  Should not both human and zombie share the same unalienable rights?  Apparently, the zombies being slaughtered in the promotional video game carry anti-Topeka signs—silent demonstrators, violently dispatched for protesting against injustice.  I would join their digital ranks if I could.

– Jud

[a zombie column]


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