Robert Kirkman & ‘The Walking Dead’ News

This week is turning out to be a big one for Robert Kirkman, the mind behind The Walking Dead.  The newest trade paperback collection of the comic book seriesThe Walking Dead Vol. 13: Too Far Gone–hits shelves on Tuesday.  In the book Rick Grimes and the other survivors deal with the return to “normal life” in their walled settlement outside of Washington, DC.  Volume 13 includes issues 73 – 78 of the comic book.  The newest episode of The Walking Dead TV series airs tonight at 10/9C P.M. on AMC.  The episode, titled “Vatos,” was penned by Kirkman himself and tells the story of Rick’s return mission to Atlanta.  For now Kirkman seems content to remain behind the scenes of The Walking DeadIn a recent interview with EW, Kirkman stated that he doesn’t like it “when people cameo in their own things.”


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