Zombie Gift Ideas

Need some last minute, undead, gift ideas for the holidays?  Does the zombie fan in your life already have every zombie book, video game, and movie ever made?  Have no fear!  BunkerLife.com has compiled a list of some unique gifts that every little zombie is sure to enjoy.

– Most zombie fans already have World War Z, The Walking Dead (graphic novels), and The Zombie Survival Guide as a part of their undead library, but chances are they do not have any of these zombie holiday classics!  In the illustrated book, The Zombie Night Before Christmas, the popular Christmas poem gets a much needed injection of the undead.  It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies is great compilation of zombie Christmas carols, and The Last Christmas (graphic novel) is a jolly tale of Santa Claus’s quest to save Christmas from a world overrun by the living dead.

– Does your gamer spend all of his or her time playing Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and Dead Rising?  Get that zombie away from the TV with some good, old fashioned board games!  The zombie board game, Last Night on Earth, has multiple scenarios in which players fight it out during zombie apocalypse to see who will survive the longest.  In Zombies!!! players race through a town infected with the undead; the first person to make it to the helicopter or to kill 25 zombies wins.  In the very simple and very fun Zombie Dice each person is a zombie trying to avoid shotguns and eat as many brains as possible.

– Looking for more unique zombie gifts?  ThinkGeek.com has original zombie clothes, toys, and accessories.  We especially like the Zombie Attack Hoodie.

Happy Holidays!


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