Best of 2010: Zombie Gore

At the end of a long day, nothing satisfies me more than watching humans eating other humans……

Is that sick?  Well… here at Bunker Life, not only do we celebrate our deranged interests, we make-up awards and bestow them upon our most freaky-ish favorites.  My favorite part about zombie movies are the eating scenes.  I love the bites, the dismemberment, and the pulling out of stringy intestines.  Watching the dead man-handle the innards of the temporary living, attempting to suffice a never-ending hunger… it’s sortof like watching a passionate dance at the ballet only…. bloodier?  You know you’ve seen a good eating scene when after the zombie meal time, your lasagna dinner is a little harder to chow down on….. cause lasagna looks like guts.  Of course, it takes more than just poor table manners to acquire “Best of 2010: Zombie Gore.”

A lot of 2010’s big zombie entertainment was devoid of any major gore.  In fact, The Walking Dead had their zombies eating more animals than humans!  And that is neither scary nor gross (which are the two main components of gore) because I am not a horse (or rat).  Yeah, The Walking Dead had its heroes covered in zombie guts, but nobody got eaten in that TV show until the fourth episode!  And don’t get me started on how gore-less (and boring) Survival of the Dead was….

So who gets 2010’s “Best Zombie Gore” award?  Well, since human zombies eating animals is as fun as Thanksgiving with John Travolta, let’s turn the tables and give it to zombie animals eating humans.  The winner of 2010’s “Best Zombie Gore” is  Zombie Roadkill!  That little six-part web series on FEARnet was packed with adorable gore.  Those little, raggedy Muppet-rejects eat a bimbo’s eyes, scurry up some nerds pants, and sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks on crystal meth.  Funny and freaky, Zombie Roadkill amused this sick chick enough to  keep her satisfied.  Bonus points for use of left-over body parts.

2011, let’s do a little better this year in the cannibalism.

– Betty


One response to “Best of 2010: Zombie Gore

  1. Good points. Although I do love a good end of the world, we’re all screwed story, a bit of blood-gushing madness doesn’t hurt now and again either. Great post, sweet blog! Glad I found it!

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