Best of 2010: Zombie Sympathy

2010 wasn’t exactly a great year for people “experiencing zombie-ness.”  The living dead got shot at, kicked out of bars, and compared to failing banks, annoying politicians, egotistical athletes, and every other negative news event of the year.  Despite all the anti-zombie bigotry in the world, 2010 did make a few steps forward towards progress.  There was a large zombie rights protest in London.  A Minneapolis court ruled that dressing as a zombie did not make someone a simulated weapon of mass destruction.  The United States received TWO zombie movies on DVD that (attempted to) show life from the zombie perspective–Aaah! Zombies!! and ColinBreathers: A Zombie Lament, a book that champions zombie liberties, may be made into a feature film, and even Sears showed their zombie support with the temporary zombification of their website during Halloween (although this would have been a much BIGGER step forward if Sears had made the online changes permanent).  Life isn’t easy for a zombie, but slowly the word is getting out that the undead are people too.  Let’s hope this trend continues beyond 2010 and into a brighter future for both the living and the living dead alike.

– Jud, a zombie


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