Best of 2010: Best Zombie Kill

It was a difficult task, to be sure.  I watched a lot of zombie footage, played a lot of zombie video games, and read a lot of zombie books and graphic novels (poor me).  I looked at the following criteria – creativity of the killing method and/or weapon, blood splatter range, residual gore, significance of the kill to the story or characters, and post-kill celebration (either for the character or for me as viewer/player/reader).

Honorable MentionDead Rising 2 and The Walking Dead.  When it comes to orchestrating zombie killing mayhem, you have to give it to the Dead Rising series.  I have to show some love to a game were nearly everything you find can become a weapon of mass zombie destruction.  You also have to give it to The Walking Dead (both graphic novel and TV adaptation).  I believe these Kirkman creations set the bar for modern zombie design and execution.  Get it?! (I am so ashamed…)

Second Runner-Up – If you’ve read any past posts, you’ll know that I loved Undead Nightmare, so it will come as little surprise that I love the boss kills in Undead Nightmare.  Sorry, but when you Dead Eye a hulking zombie-hick and put a half-dozen or more shots into the sucker’s head with your bolt-action rifle, Henry Repeater, or maybe just a couple shots from the ol’ double barrel shotgun; and watch it’s face explode in slow-motion, it just feels good!

First Runner-Up – First let me say, I’m a little embarrassed to be picking this because they pretty much ‘paid’ their way to the top, but when I think of great zombie kills this year, one film sequence keeps coming to mind.  In Resident Evil: After Life, Alice goes on a killing rampage to escape the prison rooftop and gives us best kills of the year.  As she runs at you, you see the back of a couple zombies rushing at her.  She takes aim and *blam* the zombie’s head explode in your face with bits of blood and gore splatter straight at your face in 3D.  Then another and maybe one more.  The sequence actually made me feel okay about spending the $14 to see that movie in the theater.  It was the moment they finally delivered what we’d all come out expecting to see.  I also enjoyed when she killed “The Executioner,” blasting rolls of quarters out of a sawed-off shotgun, which would have been the winner, had the gore come flying at your face like it did in the latter sequence.  Just in case you think I’m taking it easy on the movie, I am.  Those kills were definitely the highlight.  The rest was pretty terrible.

The Best Zombie Kill of 2010 – Okay some may call this cheating, but I give the best “Zombie Kill” of 2010 to Dead Set, the death of Patrick.  The way I see it, “Zombie Kill” can be interpreted as a zombie’s kill or the killing of a zombie.  Also, even though Dead Set originally aired in the UK in 2008, it premiered on IFC in the US this October, so… my list, my rules!  If you haven’t seen the show yet, stop reading this and go watch it!  If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about!  The scene is a brilliantly put together and marks a well deserved and utterly disgusting end for a vile character.  Watching it, you’ll relish this kill like you’re one of the horde!  Congratulations, Dead Set, you disgust me!

I encourage others to share their favorite zombie kills as I’m sure there are a lot of opinions on this subject.


P.S. – has put together a pretty sweet list of some of the most awesome zombie kills of all time –


2 responses to “Best of 2010: Best Zombie Kill

  1. You only gave the walking dead an honorable mention, but there are two zombie kills that i think are top knotch in that show.

    The first being rick shooting the half body bycicle girl in the head, The things he says are like he is giving a funeral to society, and even though it was a clean shot, that zombie makeup was fantastic to look at, and the actress did it very well.

    The other zombie kill that stands out for 2010 in the walking dead is that zombie that they have to chop up to smear on themselves….sure the zombie had been killed earlier but how they dismember the zombie and smear themselves with its guts is classic, and it transfered well from the comic book.

  2. You do need to give it to the make-up, special fx, and sound teams for The Walking Dead. They are all doing a great job. I don’t know that I felt the same connection to the bicycle girl, but I can respect your opinion. I definitely dug the butchering of the dead zombie. Gotta love gore.

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