Zombies! Puppets! Singing! Dancing! And You!

Popular horror author, John Skipp, is working to create the perfect blend of puppetry, musical numbers, and zombie gore in his upcoming film, Rose.  In order to fund the project, Skipp is asking the zombie fan community to contribute.  Skipp is offering loads of goodies to people who donate, including the chance to appear in the film.  Watch the video below and go to the Rose Kickstarter page to learn more!

Synopsis from the official Rose website:

“It’s Pee-Wees Playhouse meets Night of the Living Dead in this whimsical, savage 3D horror-comedy featuring zombies, puppets, and musical mayhem.

48 hours into the undead apocalypse, one woman has managed to stay on the air. She’s a hot ex-mental patient with a message of hope, a baseball bat, and her puppet friends.

Welcome to “Rose’s Place”: where the songs, skits, and rescue stations run all night long…or at least until the zombies get in.”


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