‘Juan of the Dead’ Enters Post-production

According to an update on the official Juan of the Dead Facebook page, the Cuban zombie film has entered post-production.  Alejandro Brugués, the movie’s director, is in Spain working on editing the film.

Juan of the Dead (Juan de los Muertos) tells the story of 40 year-old slacker, Juan.  When outbreaks of violence begin to occur increasingly more frequent across the country, Cuban officials play off the attacks as isolated acts of dissidence funded by the United States government.  Juan and his friends soon realize that the troublemakers aren’t political dissidents but the victims of a zombie plaque, and they decide to take advantage of the situation.  They begin the business of killing families’ undead loved ones…for a price.

Juan of the Dead is scheduled to be released later this year.  Learn more on the Juan of the Dead Official Website.


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