CW Picks Up Zombie Show

Deadline reports that the CW has picked up the script for a zombie television drama.  The script, titled Awakening, is about two sisters and their struggling relationship during the zombie apocalypse.  The CW has not yet ordered a pilot for the script.


3 responses to “CW Picks Up Zombie Show

  1. I knew the success of The Walking Dead would spawn other zombie shows, and that’s great. But does The CW have to be the first out of the gate? I was hoping a premium channel would do one. If Showtime, Starz or HBO did a zombie show they could make it really gritty and entertaining. The characters could “say” and “do” a lot more. Instead we get CW, land of the pretty people. Will this be the zombie apocalypse, but with Hellcat hottie sisters? If they cast realistic actresses (for once) I’ll give this a try. Who am I kidding? It’s a zombie show. I’ll tune in no matter what. I just think there will be precious few opportunities to see zombie apocalypse shows because networks will shy away from looking like they’re jumping on a bandwagon. Don’t you think? The fact that one of these precious few opportunities will apparently be produced by CW leads to, in my opinion, initial facepalm.

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  3. Oh CW, you trend stealer! HBO got “True Blood,” and almost exactly a year later the CW got “The Vampire Diaries.” AMC got “The Walking Dead,” and now the CW has this “Awakening.” Hopefully, CW’s entry into the zombie genre does not scare away other networks from creating zombie shows. If so, it’s going to be a lot tougher getting my autobiography made into a Lifetime Original Movie.

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