Zombies Vs. Vampires on ‘Deadliest Warrior’

SPIKE TV has announced that the third season of Deadliest Warrior will tackle who’s the deadliest of the undead: vampires or zombies.  Deadliest Warrior is a television show that pits different historical or modern warriors against each other and decides who would win in a fight.  Historical and scientific data are compiled, and a computer calculates the information and creates simulations of potential battle outcomes.  The “Zombies Vs. Vampires” episode will be the first time the show has used fictitious warriors.  The LA Times reports that Max Brooks (author of World War Z) and Matt Mogk (founder of the Zombie Research Society) will be guest experts on the show.  The third season of Deadliest Warrior starts summer 2011.

More info on Spike.com!

If a zombie bites a vampire (simultaneously infecting the vampire and ingesting vampire blood), do they both turn into vampire/zombie hybrid creatures?  Comment below.


3 responses to “Zombies Vs. Vampires on ‘Deadliest Warrior’

  1. Call me a pessimist, but I think both the zombie and vampire blood are essential blood-borne pathogens affecting “live” human blood cells. Since both creatures are dead already, I don’t think it would have any effect (maybe the blood would taste terrible to each other).

    If there were any “fantastic” effect, perhaps their infected blood would work like a toxin to each other. A toxic effect could be reasonable, though I still firmly sit in the “no big deal” camp.

  2. I generally try to avoid vampires. Their flesh is too cold to eat…and most of them are contemptuous jerks.

  3. The zombies bight would not affect the vampire because they are already dead and already have there own infected blood so zombies bight wouldnt affect the vampire. On the other hand Vampires bights wont affect the zombie for the same reason but it would depend if the zombie is a real dead zombie or an infected, because infected are just humans with a infected blood stream, or virus. Since it is just a infected human there blood cells could change into a type of vampire dapending on the disease. But for just a add on zombies dont just bight like vampires they eat and consume there enemies or whatever is around them with a beating heart because thats the main purpose of the zombie. Thats all I gotta say about that.

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