‘Lost’ Star Joins CW’s ‘Awakening’

Titus Welliver is the newest actor to join the growing list of people hired for Awakening—CW’s zombie pilot.  TV Line reports that Welliver will play a mysterious zombie hunter.  Welliver has recently appeared in Deadwood and The Good Wife, and he played the Man in Black in the television series, LostAwakening is reportedly about two sisters and their relationship at the start of a zombie epidemic.


One response to “‘Lost’ Star Joins CW’s ‘Awakening’

  1. this show is gonna flop….they are breaking all the zombie rules, intelligent working alongside people in day to day life, interacting with them like they are normal……and then a war breaks out between the living and the dead…..

    “hmmm today i think i will eat flesh….” whatever….

    you cant succede when you break the zombie rules, no one will watch it…not long time zombie fans, and not the teeny bopper crowd CW is trying to attract

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