Jud vs. The Living VI: Summer Vacation

Summer is here, and it’s time to take a break from the daily grind and get out of town!  No one loves to travel more than a zombie.  We love congregating in new places, taking walking tours, and discovering new and exotic cuisine.  I’ve got a specific vacation recommendation for all of you traveling zombies: the UK.  More specifically, you should visit the city of Leicester in England.  Leicester is a large city (pop. 300,000) with plenty to see and do, including the largest covered outdoor market in Europe–a great place to grab a bite!  Leicester also has relatively mild weather, so the living dead don’t need to worry about their parts freezing solid or melting off.  Most importantly, the Leicester city council recently admitted that the city is absolutely unprepared for a zombie uprising.  One of the city’s citizens wrote to the council asking what preparations were in place in the event of an undead invasion.  The council was forced to admit that there are no provisions in the city’s emergency plan for such an event.  Sounds like a GREAT place for any zombie to visit (or stay)!  With the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already preparing for zombie apocalypse, it is important that the living dead find safe and friendly places to vacation this summer.

– Jud

UPDATE:  A place zombies should NOT visit.

[a zombie column]


One response to “Jud vs. The Living VI: Summer Vacation

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