‘Walking Dead’ the Game and ‘Zombie Apocalypse 2’

Source: The Walking Dead Podcast

Telltale Games has released more details about its upcoming video game adaptation of The Walking Dead comic book series.  The game features two new survivors who are not from the comic book or the television series.  Those characters are Lee, a former prisoner, and Clementine, an abandoned young girl.  Some of the characters from the comic will turn up in the game as non-playable characters.  The game does not yet have a release date.

Source: Konami

Konami has announced that a sequel to their popular zombie shooter, Zombie Apocalypse, will arrive this fall.  The video game, tentatively called Zombie Apocalypse 2, allows up to four players to battle for survival.  The game takes place on an island crawling with the undead.  Players must destroy the zombie hordes, rescue survivors, and find a way off the island.  The game will be released on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


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