‘Zombie Diaries 2’ US Release Date

Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead will be released on DVD in the United States on October 11, 2011.  Zombie Diaries 2 is written and directed by Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett.  It is the sequel to their 2006 film, The Zombie Diaries.

Synopsis: Three months have passed since a viral outbreak wiped out 99.9 per cent of the world’s population, turning its victims into flesh-eating living dead. In the UK, a surviving band of soldiers and civilians have taken refuge at a rural military barracks. Life is tough, but hope appears when a high level communication is received from a military base on the coast, telling of sanctuary elsewhere in Europe…



One response to “‘Zombie Diaries 2’ US Release Date

  1. Thanks for making me aware of this. Il check it out

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