Jud vs. The Living VII: Zombies Vs. Vampires – ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Results

Last night, Deadliest Warrior on SPIKE TV pitted zombies against vampires in a test to prove which are the ultimate warriors.  Quick summary: they had a horde of zombies attack a few vampires in a warehouse.  The vampires slaughtered all the zombies while the zombies managed to take a couple of the vampires out.  The vampires were declared the ultimate victors, but the sole surviving vampire was infected with the zombie plague (and turned into a zompire?); therefore, the zombies kinda won too.

Let me point out the ridiculousness of this all.  A vampire would never bite a zombie.  They hate old, dead blood.  AND a zombie would never attack (or “chomp”) a vampire!  We’re not attracted to cold, undead flesh.  That being said, I could see the occasional vampire/zombie skirmish occurring, seeing as how we share a food source.  The important thing to remember is that zombies never stop attacking, never stop adding to our numbers, and never tire of the chase.  If a vampire were to attract the attention of a zombie hoard, the hoard would attack the vampire until daybreak, follow it to its coffin, and eat its heart while it slept.

– Jud

[a zombie column]


2 responses to “Jud vs. The Living VII: Zombies Vs. Vampires – ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Results

  1. Serious spoiler jerkface

  2. uhh…the title says RESULTS!

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