The Governor Cast – British Invasion!

AMC announced that David Morrissey will be playing the sadistic villain, The Governor in The Waking Dead! (Like Andrew Lincoln–Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead–Morrissey is an English actor.) By all accounts, he will not surface until Season 3, so we all have a while before seeing him in action. Regardless, Walking Dead fans around the world have something to be excited about. Morrissey has some serious acting chops.

BUT I do have one beef – not with Morrissey but the press. I’ve been shocked to see that in all the name dropping (he was in the Meadowlands, State of Play, The Deal, The Other Boleyn Girl and is a BAFTA nominee) the press has by-in-large failed to mention his greatest role as “The Doctor” in Doctor Who…well as Jackson Lake thinking he’s The Doctor (episode: “The Next Doctor“), but that’s not important!  He made that episode with his huge range, brilliant timing, and winning smile!

My only concern with Morrissey taking on this role is his “too perfect” teeth. I always imagined The Governor with bad teeth and terrible breath, but I digress. Congrats, David Morrissey!  I look forward to seeing you become a total a-hole!


*Not playing The Governor in Season 3 of "The Walking Dead"

Check out Morrissey and his perfect teeth on IMDb.


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