Zombies Teach CPR

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has put together an amazing video during which zombies demonstrate CPR basics.  It is important that all zombies know how to revive a human suffering from cardiac arrest.  As the video informs, dead humans don’t make for a tasty meal.  Zombies prefer their food alive and wriggling.

– Jud, the zombie


One response to “Zombies Teach CPR

  1. Treyarch! We want to get out of map in zombies. But if it has to be pathecd, ATLEAST make a customable zombie mode were we can have infinite life and ammo and so on(which of course is disconnected from leaderboards). Where we can just have fun and explore! Thumbs up if you agree! Together we can change! Copy Paste this comment to as many zombie glitch videos as possible. Because thats how treyarch find glitches to patch, searching on youtube.

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