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Awesome FAKE ‘Walking Dead’ Season Two Teaser

A great fan-made teaser trailer for the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead is up on YouTube.  Check it out below.


Zombie Home Protection from This Old House

This Old House online has published an incredibly informative article on anti-zombie home improvement.  The site outlines 12 ideas to prepare your house and your person for zombie invasion.  Check out the story HERE!


“Bloody valentine: I would give my heart to you, But someone ate it.”

Ladies, you know we have all been there…….

Try to have a good VD regardless of ex-boyfriends!

– Betty

Best of 2010: Zombie Gore

At the end of a long day, nothing satisfies me more than watching humans eating other humans……

Is that sick?  Well… here at Bunker Life, not only do we celebrate our deranged interests, we make-up awards and bestow them upon our most freaky-ish favorites.  My favorite part about zombie movies are the eating scenes.  I love the bites, the dismemberment, and the pulling out of stringy intestines.  Watching the dead man-handle the innards of the temporary living, attempting to suffice a never-ending hunger… it’s sortof like watching a passionate dance at the ballet only…. bloodier?  You know you’ve seen a good eating scene when after the zombie meal time, your lasagna dinner is a little harder to chow down on….. cause lasagna looks like guts.  Of course, it takes more than just poor table manners to acquire “Best of 2010: Zombie Gore.”

A lot of 2010’s big zombie entertainment was devoid of any major gore.  In fact, The Walking Dead had their zombies eating more animals than humans!  And that is neither scary nor gross (which are the two main components of gore) because I am not a horse (or rat).  Yeah, The Walking Dead had its heroes covered in zombie guts, but nobody got eaten in that TV show until the fourth episode!  And don’t get me started on how gore-less (and boring) Survival of the Dead was….

So who gets 2010’s “Best Zombie Gore” award?  Well, since human zombies eating animals is as fun as Thanksgiving with John Travolta, let’s turn the tables and give it to zombie animals eating humans.  The winner of 2010’s “Best Zombie Gore” is  Zombie Roadkill!  That little six-part web series on FEARnet was packed with adorable gore.  Those little, raggedy Muppet-rejects eat a bimbo’s eyes, scurry up some nerds pants, and sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks on crystal meth.  Funny and freaky, Zombie Roadkill amused this sick chick enough to  keep her satisfied.  Bonus points for use of left-over body parts.

2011, let’s do a little better this year in the cannibalism.

– Betty

Best of 2010: Best Dressed Zombie

Zombies….they’re awesome, but how does one distinguish itself from the others?  What makes a zombie memorable?  I agree that gaping wounds and decomposing bodies may provide a puke-factor that is vital for zombies to stand out from the other walking corpses.  But the key component to ultimate zombie awesomeness is the perfect outfit.  A zombie’s threads give insight to what type of person it use to be, what they were doing right before turning into mindless teetering turds, or how the poor schmuck died…

Best Dressed 2009 - Zombieland's Clown Zombie

In past trends, a popular look was the working class zombie… like, what woman doesn’t love men in uniform?  In 2009, Zombieland took the cake by double tapping phobias with their Clown Zombie.

So, which Zombie was best dressed to impress in 2010?  Honestly, the slue of  zombie movies, TV, and video games scored low in their style points.  They had lots of visually appalling yuckiness (which is a compliment), but the wardrobe seemed to all come from off the sales rack at Hot Topic (which is not a compliment).  So, I took my search for the ultimate zombie-fashionista to the streets.  Luckily, 2010 had some great zombie watching; they were literally on the streets running amok as a part of an onslaught of zomb-tastic events.  There were record-breaking zombie walkszombie pub crawls, and zombie conventions – all of which provided the perfect fashion runway for Best Dressers in 2010.

Runner Up of Best Dressed Zombie of 2010 goes to Bride and Groom Zombie:

Zombie Wedding at ZomBCon 2010

The dead bride looked good in blood splattered white while getting hitched at Seattle’s ZomBCon 2010.  Evil Dead legend, Bruce Campbell, performed the zombie wedding, bringing a new spin on “til death do us part.”

Winner of Best Dressed Zombie of 2010 : Zombie Beaker

Muppet Zombie - Best Dressed Zombie of 2010

There were a lot of stylish zombies at these events, but my “Best Dressed Zombie of 2010” award would have to go to the “Zombie Beaker” seen at a crawl outside of DC.  Look at how the red blood pops in contrast against his white lab coat with the dangling eyeball that brings the whole look together.  Thank you, anonymous Zombie Beaker, for sharing your vision of Muppet zompocalypse with the world!  Let’s use Zombie Beaker as an example for 2011 fashion forward zombies everywhere who dare to dress to impress.

– Betty

Merry Christmas from Bunker Life

“Prowling through the mall, In search of docile children. You better watch out!”

Zombie Comic

My latest haiku illustration. Check them all at

– Betty