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PSN is back from the dead – Dead Nation time?

Sony’s PlayStation Network is going to welcome you back, so now you’ve got to ask yourself – which game do I choose? Check out my review of Dead Nation!



Hold onto your dice!

It’s time for another installment of Osiris’s Game Reviews! Special thanks to Jud and Betty for playing along. Hope you enjoy – this is Steve Jackson’s Zombie Dice!

Best of 2010: Best Zombie Kill

It was a difficult task, to be sure.  I watched a lot of zombie footage, played a lot of zombie video games, and read a lot of zombie books and graphic novels (poor me).  I looked at the following criteria – creativity of the killing method and/or weapon, blood splatter range, residual gore, significance of the kill to the story or characters, and post-kill celebration (either for the character or for me as viewer/player/reader).

Honorable MentionDead Rising 2 and The Walking Dead.  When it comes to orchestrating zombie killing mayhem, you have to give it to the Dead Rising series.  I have to show some love to a game were nearly everything you find can become a weapon of mass zombie destruction.  You also have to give it to The Walking Dead (both graphic novel and TV adaptation).  I believe these Kirkman creations set the bar for modern zombie design and execution.  Get it?! (I am so ashamed…)

Second Runner-Up – If you’ve read any past posts, you’ll know that I loved Undead Nightmare, so it will come as little surprise that I love the boss kills in Undead Nightmare.  Sorry, but when you Dead Eye a hulking zombie-hick and put a half-dozen or more shots into the sucker’s head with your bolt-action rifle, Henry Repeater, or maybe just a couple shots from the ol’ double barrel shotgun; and watch it’s face explode in slow-motion, it just feels good!

First Runner-Up – First let me say, I’m a little embarrassed to be picking this because they pretty much ‘paid’ their way to the top, but when I think of great zombie kills this year, one film sequence keeps coming to mind.  In Resident Evil: After Life, Alice goes on a killing rampage to escape the prison rooftop and gives us best kills of the year.  As she runs at you, you see the back of a couple zombies rushing at her.  She takes aim and *blam* the zombie’s head explode in your face with bits of blood and gore splatter straight at your face in 3D.  Then another and maybe one more.  The sequence actually made me feel okay about spending the $14 to see that movie in the theater.  It was the moment they finally delivered what we’d all come out expecting to see.  I also enjoyed when she killed “The Executioner,” blasting rolls of quarters out of a sawed-off shotgun, which would have been the winner, had the gore come flying at your face like it did in the latter sequence.  Just in case you think I’m taking it easy on the movie, I am.  Those kills were definitely the highlight.  The rest was pretty terrible.

The Best Zombie Kill of 2010 – Okay some may call this cheating, but I give the best “Zombie Kill” of 2010 to Dead Set, the death of Patrick.  The way I see it, “Zombie Kill” can be interpreted as a zombie’s kill or the killing of a zombie.  Also, even though Dead Set originally aired in the UK in 2008, it premiered on IFC in the US this October, so… my list, my rules!  If you haven’t seen the show yet, stop reading this and go watch it!  If you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about!  The scene is a brilliantly put together and marks a well deserved and utterly disgusting end for a vile character.  Watching it, you’ll relish this kill like you’re one of the horde!  Congratulations, Dead Set, you disgust me!

I encourage others to share their favorite zombie kills as I’m sure there are a lot of opinions on this subject.


P.S. – has put together a pretty sweet list of some of the most awesome zombie kills of all time –

Best of 2010: Zombie-themed Video Games

Rather than pouring over the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of all the zombie-themed video games in 2010 (like the nerd I am), I’m going to be magnanimous and recognize the gaming industry and indie game developers for putting out a boat-load of zombie-themed video games this year.

At Bunker Life, we’ve taken note of a ton of games this year (Blood Drive; Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ Zombie Mode; Dead Nation; Dead Rising 2; Organ Trail; Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare; and Rock of the Dead), and we didn’t even scratch the surface when you start taking into mini-games and Apps.  In case you missed it, I did my first game review this year – a “First Impressions” look at Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

My hope for 2011 – Rockstar Games develop a full-out “zombie” video game.  No offense, but many of my favorite efforts in 2010 were add-on’s (Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare / Call of Duty: Black Ops‘ Zombie Mode / etc.).  Rockstar has made some seriously inventive and expansive games.  They have the chops to do an awesome zombie game.

I’m not the only one thinking along these lines – there’s currently a petition for a zombie survivalist-style game – Kudos to the gamers taking action on this important issue!


Sweet “Doonesbury” by Garry Trudeau

Haven’t we all been there?!


Dead Set – Finale

It is both sad and wonderful that the series finished in 5 episodes.  It was a complete journey while leaving me wanting more.  With such a sort series there were, of course, a few questions left unanswered, but nothing of tremendous consequence.  Probably my biggest complaint was the zombies’ inability to deal with water.  It really only came into play with Angel, so ultimately, who cares?

Biggest ‘Who Would Have Called That’ – Veronica becomes a cut-throat strategist ties with Pippa surviving past the first episode.

Favorite Character of the Series – Patrick.  Easy choice.  Totally despicable and gave us the greatest goriest moments in the series.  Well done, sir.

Dead Set is a must watch for any zombie fan.


Dead Set – Episode 4

The big question all zombie-apocalypse survivors must answer at some point – To hunker down, or not to hunker down.

Both the Big Brother group and the odd couple (Riq and Alex), have divided opinions on the subject. In the end, Riq gets his wish while the Big Brother band remains divided, essentially going back to a “Cast vs. Crew” dynamic.

Really liked the number of awkward and gratuitous deaths going on. We started last episode with way that took down ‘zombie Grayson’ and continued with skewering of Davina with a lamp post and excessive hatchet action by Alex (total Shaun of the Dead moment).

Best Zombie-Culture Allusion – Joplin musing that the dead are draw to the BB set because it was something important in their lives.

Lowest of the Low – Patrick carving up Grayson’s bodies.  “We’ve got a man-sized portion of pedigree chum lying right there!”  Scraping the forearm for a last bit of meat… so, awesomely wrong!