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Zombie-related happenings on the Internet

Bunker Life Fan Feedback

Bunker Life always encourages its readers to leave comments and let us know how we are doing.  In the latest Bunker Life video update, Osiris checks in with you–the fans!  Check out the video below and watch Osiris read real user feedback from the web.

Keep those comments coming!

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Zombie Viral Videos – Zombie News 05.01.12

We scour the Internet, so you don’t have to.  Here are the zombie viral videos of the week:

1.) CNN reports on Zombie Survival Course, a training camp in Southern New Jersey.

2.) Chevrolet says the 2012 Cruze is “The Car Most Feared by Zombies.”

3.) Apocalypse Pizza is an animated short about a delivery service during a zombie outbreak. [NSFW]

Map of the Dead – New Zombie Survival Resource

The zombie apocalypse has struck.  You are on the run.  You need to find food, supplies, and a safe haven.  Luckily, Map of the Dead exists.

Map of the Dead is a Google Maps-integrated zombie survival map.  The map shows you where the nearest apocalyptic survival resources can be found, including convenience stores, doctors offices, military bases, and much more.  The map also highlights “Danger Zones” where the undead are most likely to be lurking.

Head to and start planning your zombie escape route.

Map of the Dead was created by the Chicago-based ad agency, Doejo.

‘Zombie Murder Explosion Die!’ Hits YouTube Today!

A new zombie animated web series has debuted on Machinima‘s YouTube channel.  Zombie Murder Explosion Die! is about a group of five teens trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.  The series is written and directed by Andrew Racho.  Watch the trailer [NSFW] below, and check out the first episode on Machinima.

‘Walking Dead’ & ‘Growing Pains’ Mashup

Check out this great mashup of the Growing Pains theme song and scenes from AMC’s The Walking Dead.


Australian Zombie Web Series, ‘Livin’ With Steve,’ Now Online

Livin’ With Steve, a new animated zombie web series, is now on YouTube.  The series is about Nate, an unemployed teenager, and his best friend Steve.  Steve is a zombie, and his condition is spreading in the sleepy town where Nate and Steve live.  Livin’ With Steve is written and directed by Levi George.  Check out the trailer below, and watch the series HERE!

New Zombie Web Series, ‘Jessa Kill’

A new zombie web series, Jessa Kill, has hit the net.  Written and directed by Justin Brooks, Jessa Kill is a grindhouse/sexploitation-style horror series about zombie apocalypse survivor, Jessa.  Check out the series on its official blog.  The first episode is up now!