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Ohio county holds mock zombie outbreak to train emergency responders

This Halloween afternoon, Delaware County, Ohio will be running a “zombie hazardous materials exercise” to test the abilities of its emergency first responders.  The mock zombocalypse is being organized by the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and will include 250 “zombie victim” volunteers.  First responders will have approximately 2 hours to effectively deal with the hazardous chemical spill that is creating the zombies as well as assist zombie victims through the decontamination process that will bring them back to normal.  Any responder who is not wearing proper personal protection and comes into contact with either the chemical or a zombie will turn into a zombie themselves.  The trial outbreak was inspired by the CDC’s recent zombie preparedness campaign.

Learn more about Delaware County’s zombie exercise on its official website.


Zombies Take Over ‘The Huffington Post’ for Halloween

Zombies have taken control of TheHuffingtonPost.com.  Head over to the internet newspaper’s culture section to see its news blogs written by zombies.  Some example articles:  Zombie Is Not A Choice, Bachmann Says ‘Brian’ Instead Of ‘Brain’, Things That Look Like Brain But IS NOt Brain (SLIDESHOW)


PopCap Games Says Happy Halloween with Pumpkins and Dancing

PopCap Games, creator of the popular Plants Vs. Zombies, sends Halloween greetings.

Happy Halloween from Bunker Life!