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Z World Detroit – The Project To Turn An Abandoned Neighborhood Into A Zombie Theme Park

Mark Siwak wants to turn 200 acres of Detroit’s abandoned urban landscape into a zombie-themed amusement park.  Z World Detroit is the campaign to make that dream happen.  Detroit, Michigan’s economic woes are no secret to most people, and  Siwak wants to help “reanimate” the city by purchasing a number of Detroit’s unoccupied warehouses, factories, and homes and create a giant zombocalyptic playground.  The theme park would be completely walled off from the rest of the world allowing visitors to compete in a massive game of zombie-themed hide and seek.  Siwak is currently raising funds to explore site location, theme park design, and gameplay possibilities.  Visit Z Word Detroit’s Indiegogo page if you wish to contribute to the project or to learn more about Siwak’s vision.


Isolated Incidents of Cannibalism or The Zombie Apocalypse?

This past week was bizarre and disturbing, full of rampant acts of cannibalism! The most significant being the Miami Zombie–a man hopped up on “bath salts” who not only chewed the face of his victim, but was initially unaffected by the volley of bullets fired by police to take him down.

If you have watched 28 Days Later, I think you know where I am going with this. Pharmaceuticals causing a cannibalistic rage in living humans is nothing new to zombie experts (watch this video for an explanation on the “infected living” also commonly known as “rage zombies”). Since the Miami Zombie, there have been even more headline grabbing incidents of cannibalism.

Zombie expert and survival genius, Ribovv, spoke to Bunker Life in an exclusive interview regarding the recent troubles. “I am at least 25% certain that this is the beginning of the end. This is how the zombie apocalypse starts,” said Ribovv.

Far be it from me to overreact, but the writing is on the wall. I think it is time everyone review their zombie survival plan and re-double their preparedness efforts. Need help figuring out what you will need to know to survive the zombie apocalypse? Stay tuned to Bunker Life and visit our YouTube channel for dozens of educational and instructional videos.

Don’t panic; do prepare! Stay safe out there, my friends.


British Columbia Government Prepares for Zombie Attack

British Columbia’s provincial government has been promoting zombie outbreak preparation through its emergency website, Emergency Info BC.  The B.C. government has been using the website and social media to promote zombie attack preparedness as an effective means to prepare for any disaster.  British Columbia wants its residents to be able to identify a disaster’s risks, create an emergency plan, and build a survival kit.  Check out the Emergency Info BC site for more zombie and disaster survival tips.

Support the LEGO ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Design!

On the website, LEGO CUUSOO, amateur LEGO designers have the chance to submit their original creations to the LEGO fan community and the LEGO company itself.  If 10,000 fans support a creator’s design, then LEGO will review the idea and potentially produce the creation as an actual LEGO set.  Designer yatkuu has submitted an amazing set based on Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s zombie film, Shaun of the Dead.  It includes the films major characters as minifigures as well as an incredibly detailed Winchester pub from the movie.  Check out the design HERE and support the project.  We want to see a zombie apocalypse-themed LEGO set in stores!

Save the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Chapel!

The chapel at Evans City Cemetery–featured in George A. Romero’s original Night of the Living Dead–is in a state of terrible disrepair.  Zombie fans are coming together to raise funds to save this historical horror landmark.  Visit www.fixthechapel.com to learn how you can help!

Ohio county holds mock zombie outbreak to train emergency responders

This Halloween afternoon, Delaware County, Ohio will be running a “zombie hazardous materials exercise” to test the abilities of its emergency first responders.  The mock zombocalypse is being organized by the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and will include 250 “zombie victim” volunteers.  First responders will have approximately 2 hours to effectively deal with the hazardous chemical spill that is creating the zombies as well as assist zombie victims through the decontamination process that will bring them back to normal.  Any responder who is not wearing proper personal protection and comes into contact with either the chemical or a zombie will turn into a zombie themselves.  The trial outbreak was inspired by the CDC’s recent zombie preparedness campaign.

Learn more about Delaware County’s zombie exercise on its official website.

Zombies Take Over ‘The Huffington Post’ for Halloween

Zombies have taken control of TheHuffingtonPost.com.  Head over to the internet newspaper’s culture section to see its news blogs written by zombies.  Some example articles:  Zombie Is Not A Choice, Bachmann Says ‘Brian’ Instead Of ‘Brain’, Things That Look Like Brain But IS NOt Brain (SLIDESHOW)