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Si’s Survival Tips – Food Edition [Video]

Osiris has released the second chapter of his video series about zombie apocalypse survival.  The latest Si’s Survival Tips focuses on scavenging for food in the wilderness.  Check out the episode below and subscribe to Bunker Life’s YouTube Channel to get the latest survival tips from Osiris.

WARNING: Osiris is a professionally trained zombocalypse survivalist.  Do NOT attempt anything demonstrated in this video (unless you are hunted by the living dead).


Bunker Life Fan Feedback

Bunker Life always encourages its readers to leave comments and let us know how we are doing.  In the latest Bunker Life video update, Osiris checks in with you–the fans!  Check out the video below and watch Osiris read real user feedback from the web.

Keep those comments coming!

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Si’s Survival Tips – Water Edition [Video]

Osiris has released the first video for his newest series about zombie apocalypse survival.  Si’s Survival Tips will feature helpful information for those living in a living-dead world.  The first episode focuses on water harvesting techniques one can use around the home.  Check out the episode below and subscribe to Bunker Life’s YouTube Channel for more videos from Osiris and the other Lifers.

WARNING: Osiris is a professionally trained zombocalypse survivalist.  Do NOT attempt anything demonstrated in this video (unless you are hunted by the living dead).


The Governor Cast – British Invasion!

AMC announced that David Morrissey will be playing the sadistic villain, The Governor in The Waking Dead! (Like Andrew Lincoln–Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead–Morrissey is an English actor.) By all accounts, he will not surface until Season 3, so we all have a while before seeing him in action. Regardless, Walking Dead fans around the world have something to be excited about. Morrissey has some serious acting chops.

BUT I do have one beef – not with Morrissey but the press. I’ve been shocked to see that in all the name dropping (he was in the Meadowlands, State of Play, The Deal, The Other Boleyn Girl and is a BAFTA nominee) the press has by-in-large failed to mention his greatest role as “The Doctor” in Doctor Who…well as Jackson Lake thinking he’s The Doctor (episode: “The Next Doctor“), but that’s not important!  He made that episode with his huge range, brilliant timing, and winning smile!

My only concern with Morrissey taking on this role is his “too perfect” teeth. I always imagined The Governor with bad teeth and terrible breath, but I digress. Congrats, David Morrissey!  I look forward to seeing you become a total a-hole!


*Not playing The Governor in Season 3 of "The Walking Dead"

Check out Morrissey and his perfect teeth on IMDb.

Before the Bunker FLASHBACK

Ever wonder what the Bunker Life gang was up to before the dead started rising from their graves?  In this special episode of Bunker Life, we reveal never-before-seen footage of Osiris…when he still dwelled on the surface (sort of)!   Watch below.



Si gets grumpy: Talking Dead

Let me start by saying, I’m not one to judge harshly.  I give just about every zombie-related show, book, movie, game, etc. the benefit of the doubt.  I go in with few expectations, looking for something to like because I love zombie stuff!  Perhaps that means I’m not a particularly discerning zombie-connoisseur, but I’d rather be optimistic than to always walk away feeling underwhelmed by what I saw or read.

Last Sunday, AMC pushed past the limits of my patience and understanding when they aired something so “UN-funny” and uninteresting that I can’t hold my tongue.

AMC’s Talking Dead was HORRIBLE.  It really didn’t need to do much to make me happy: a couple insider tidbits, perhaps some well reasoned predictions, and debate – and sure, why not – tell some jokes for the masses (I understand not all Walking Dead fans are complete and utter zombie-fiction fanboys, like me).  But the hodgepodge of lip-service fan involvement, bad jokes, and inane banter was too much to bear.

Okay, I got that off my chest, but fear not!  I have a bright-side for you–though not on AMC.  It’s here: The Talking Dead (also available for free on iTunes).

The Talking Dead (yes, The Talking Dead) is a podcast put on by fans, for fans.  The show’s hosts, Chris and Jason, provide everything AMC’s Talking Dead did not–they’re funny, well-versed, and actually include fan participation in a meaningful way.  I was leery that it would hold my interest for a full hour, but the time flew by.

I would say, “Don’t take my word for it. Try them both and judge for yourself,” but I fear AMC’s Talking Dead is so bad that you may hold me liable for a lost half-hour of your life and seek revenge.  So maybe just try The Talking Dead. Seriously, what’s more fun than two “nerdy” Canadians talking about zombies?

Couple side notes: One, these guys are not afraid to talk spoilers, so be prepared. If you’ve read the comics (which if you are reading this blog, I would be surprised if you haven’t) nothing will be all that shocking. Two, they have a guest host, Dave, who has a zombie web-comic, Stranger.  (What does that have to do with The Walking Dead?  Nothing, I would have just felt like a jerk if I didn’t give him a shout-out!  You go, Dave!)

Final thought: Keep up the good work, The Talking Dead, and Talking Dead…you might want to consider, “opting out.”


P.S.  Why don’t these guys have last names? Creepy, eh?