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Trailers for ‘Zombieland,’ ‘World War Z’ and ‘Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies’ — Zombie News 04.20.13

The pilot for Zombieland, a TV series based on the movie with the same name, appeared on Amazon Instant Streaming yesterday. Amazon is asking its viewers to vote if they want the series to get a full season.  Zombieland Season 1, Ep. 1 “Pilot” | Amazon.com

The newest trailer for Brad Pitt’s World War Z has zombies on a plane. World War Z Official Movie Trailer 2 – Paramount | YouTube

The latest episode of Geek and Sundry’s Fetch Quest is all about zombie games. Zombies! Tired Memes! Bloody Torsos! – FetchQuest Episode 3 | YouTube

The first trailer for Cody Knotts’ Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies is out now. Pro-Wrestlers vs Zombies trailer | YouTube



Disney Developing ‘Zombies and Cheerleaders’

StitchKingdom.com reports that the Disney Channel is working on a new series currently titled Zombies and Cheerleaders.  The show takes place in a high school where zombie students are ostracized by their human classmates.  When a new girl, who is without zombie prejudice, arrives at the school, the head of the cheerleading squad and the leader of the zombie clique compete for her affection.  The zombies in the series are able to overcome their hunger for brains thanks to an invention called the “z-pack.”  Disney is currently casting for the pilot episode.

UPDATE 10/13/11: Variety reports that Disney has greenlit the pilot episode of Zombies and Cheerleaders.