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Si gets grumpy: Talking Dead

Let me start by saying, I’m not one to judge harshly.  I give just about every zombie-related show, book, movie, game, etc. the benefit of the doubt.  I go in with few expectations, looking for something to like because I love zombie stuff!  Perhaps that means I’m not a particularly discerning zombie-connoisseur, but I’d rather be optimistic than to always walk away feeling underwhelmed by what I saw or read.

Last Sunday, AMC pushed past the limits of my patience and understanding when they aired something so “UN-funny” and uninteresting that I can’t hold my tongue.

AMC’s Talking Dead was HORRIBLE.  It really didn’t need to do much to make me happy: a couple insider tidbits, perhaps some well reasoned predictions, and debate – and sure, why not – tell some jokes for the masses (I understand not all Walking Dead fans are complete and utter zombie-fiction fanboys, like me).  But the hodgepodge of lip-service fan involvement, bad jokes, and inane banter was too much to bear.

Okay, I got that off my chest, but fear not!  I have a bright-side for you–though not on AMC.  It’s here: The Talking Dead (also available for free on iTunes).

The Talking Dead (yes, The Talking Dead) is a podcast put on by fans, for fans.  The show’s hosts, Chris and Jason, provide everything AMC’s Talking Dead did not–they’re funny, well-versed, and actually include fan participation in a meaningful way.  I was leery that it would hold my interest for a full hour, but the time flew by.

I would say, “Don’t take my word for it. Try them both and judge for yourself,” but I fear AMC’s Talking Dead is so bad that you may hold me liable for a lost half-hour of your life and seek revenge.  So maybe just try The Talking Dead. Seriously, what’s more fun than two “nerdy” Canadians talking about zombies?

Couple side notes: One, these guys are not afraid to talk spoilers, so be prepared. If you’ve read the comics (which if you are reading this blog, I would be surprised if you haven’t) nothing will be all that shocking. Two, they have a guest host, Dave, who has a zombie web-comic, Stranger.  (What does that have to do with The Walking Dead?  Nothing, I would have just felt like a jerk if I didn’t give him a shout-out!  You go, Dave!)

Final thought: Keep up the good work, The Talking Dead, and Talking Dead…you might want to consider, “opting out.”


P.S.  Why don’t these guys have last names? Creepy, eh?