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VGA reveals new zombie games: ‘The Last of Us’ & ‘Fortnite’ trailers

Two new zombie video games were announced during Spike TV’s Video Game Awards last night.

Naughty Dog, developers of the Uncharted game series, revealed their newest project, The Last Of Us.  The survival/action game is set years after the zombie apocalypse has struck.  The Last Of Us features a teenaged girl and a middle-aged man as its protagonists.  The game will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Epic Games, creators of the Gears of War series, reveled the game Fortnite at the VGAs.  Fortnite appears to be a zombie tower defense game.

Watch the games’ trailers below courtesy of GameTrailers.

– Osiris


Jud vs. The Living VII: Zombies Vs. Vampires – ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Results

Last night, Deadliest Warrior on SPIKE TV pitted zombies against vampires in a test to prove which are the ultimate warriors.  Quick summary: they had a horde of zombies attack a few vampires in a warehouse.  The vampires slaughtered all the zombies while the zombies managed to take a couple of the vampires out.  The vampires were declared the ultimate victors, but the sole surviving vampire was infected with the zombie plague (and turned into a zompire?); therefore, the zombies kinda won too.

Let me point out the ridiculousness of this all.  A vampire would never bite a zombie.  They hate old, dead blood.  AND a zombie would never attack (or “chomp”) a vampire!  We’re not attracted to cold, undead flesh.  That being said, I could see the occasional vampire/zombie skirmish occurring, seeing as how we share a food source.  The important thing to remember is that zombies never stop attacking, never stop adding to our numbers, and never tire of the chase.  If a vampire were to attract the attention of a zombie hoard, the hoard would attack the vampire until daybreak, follow it to its coffin, and eat its heart while it slept.

– Jud

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Zombies Vs. Vampires on ‘Deadliest Warrior’

SPIKE TV has announced that the third season of Deadliest Warrior will tackle who’s the deadliest of the undead: vampires or zombies.  Deadliest Warrior is a television show that pits different historical or modern warriors against each other and decides who would win in a fight.  Historical and scientific data are compiled, and a computer calculates the information and creates simulations of potential battle outcomes.  The “Zombies Vs. Vampires” episode will be the first time the show has used fictitious warriors.  The LA Times reports that Max Brooks (author of World War Z) and Matt Mogk (founder of the Zombie Research Society) will be guest experts on the show.  The third season of Deadliest Warrior starts summer 2011.

More info on Spike.com!

If a zombie bites a vampire (simultaneously infecting the vampire and ingesting vampire blood), do they both turn into vampire/zombie hybrid creatures?  Comment below.