Zombie Jesus

Comic book illustrator and writer, Rob Liefeld, recently started a new web comic called, Zombie Jesus.  As the comic’s starting point, Liefeld uses an often ignored passage in the Bible.  Below is the synopsis found on Liefeld’s site:

“MATTHEW 27:51-52  The earth shook, the rocks broke and tombs opened and many men and women who had died came back to life again. They left the cemetery and went into the city and appeared to many people there.

The most disturbing scripture in the Bible revealed! Zombies walked the earth following the crucifixion of Christ! Now the 48 hours following Christ’s Death are revealed!

After the crucifixion, supernatural warfare tore apart the Roman Provinces. Zombie Hordes attacked Jerusalem in search of the corpse of Christ. The Disciples were under siege as the Undead tore apart the countryside and an unlikely hero, LAZARUS THE IMMORTAL emerged to combat the Legion of Dead!”

Check out Zombie Jesus on Liefeld’s website.


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