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Zombie-related cuisine

Si’s Survival Tips – Food Edition [Video]

Osiris has released the second chapter of his video series about zombie apocalypse survival.  The latest Si’s Survival Tips focuses on scavenging for food in the wilderness.  Check out the episode below and subscribe to Bunker Life’s YouTube Channel to get the latest survival tips from Osiris.

WARNING: Osiris is a professionally trained zombocalypse survivalist.  Do NOT attempt anything demonstrated in this video (unless you are hunted by the living dead).


Brain Food: Epic ZOMBIE Meal Time

Zombies have taken over in the latest episode of Epic Meal Time!  Check out the video below to learn how to make “brainy mac and cheese,” “scrambled brains,” “Big Mac brains,” and other zombie treats.

Zombie Jerky Arrives

Harcos Laboratories rolled out their newest zombie-themed creation this month, Zombie Jerky!  After a minor delay (caused by the USDA), Zombie Jerky is now out on the market.  Harcos Labs is promoting “the world’s first green beef jerky” with 10 Second Zombie–a web series about a zombie coping with everyday life.  Harcos Laboratories is also known for making Zombie Blood.  Learn more on the official website.

Best of 2010: Food Diversity

For some reason, humans are obsessed with the idea that all zombies want is their brains.  What can I say?  Humans are egomaniacs and have little understanding of the undead lifestyle.  While human brains could be considered the escargot of living flesh, a zombie’s unsatisfiable hunger is more interested in volume than flavor.  Zombies are literally hungry enough to eat a horse.  Which brings me to my Best of 2010: the entertainment world did a great job of showing zombies getting fed this year–not only by humans but by their trusty, four-legged companions as well.  Yep, I’m talking about horses.  George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead ended with a horse-eating scene.  AMC’s The Walking Dead started off with a horse feast, and in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare players frequently had their horses mobbed and taken down by zombies.  Thank you entertainment industry for showing this self-obsessed world that zombies are not only interested in its brains.  We will eat any part of any living creature that stumbles onto our plate.

– Jud, a zombie

Jud vs. The Living: Farmers Markets

In another example of typical anthropocentric behavior, a farmers market in Ogden, UT has imposed a zombie ban.

Check out the story here.

Despite the recent increase in zombie-tolerance, discrimination against the undead largely remains.  I mean, seriously, have  you seen the people that are allowed to attend farmers markets?!  Zombies would definitely not be the worst smelling individuals at a farmers market.  Sure, the living dead have little interest in pesticide-free fruits and veggies, but zombies do enjoy organic-fed meat as much as the next person!

– Jud

[a zombie column]

The Living Dead, The Ultimate Contradiction

Starburst‘s latest ad features “The Scotch Korean” and a zombie.

(view in 480p for best quality)

Source: TheStarburstChannel

News from the Bunker

In addition to getting you your haiku fix, HOTD Productions is expanding its operations to this blog–providing the info you need to know about all things ZOMBIE.  I have recently met survivors who have been out in the wilds, and they bring news of the zombie wars.  Stay tuned.